So Who Am I

I’m an alternate spiritual healer who uses unconventional methods to heal the mind, body and soul and a life coach to many who dared to dream a DREAM and live it too!

I personally lived my very own dream 4 years back by bringing to the world ‘Healingoursoul’, only because I fumbled onto a ‘whole new world’ of healing methods and healed myself and when something as magical as that transpires, I couldn’t keep it contained only to me and my loved ones but to share it with those who would like to experience the same transformation as well, “TO HEAL,TO HEAL”!

To me ‘Healingoursoul’ is close to my heart or should I say my soul. In my search of the question of who am I, I chose to break the shackles and limitations of all belief systems that I was finding really uncomfortable within and embarked on a soul purpose journey. I can safely say that each one of us are born for a higher purpose and to live that, healing our soul is the foundation to that! Once that is established, the world is yours to explore!

People who know me say I’m a ‘walking-talking’ example of my work and I live by it as well, from the sick-ling to the liv-ing!

I work best with those who are ready to make a difference because I’m here to support you right to the end with your commitment!

Why choose me? I smile only to say that I choose to wear my heart on my sleeves and that authenticity to which I share from my experiences of “me too” helps you to believe you can do the same! My experiences are my strength to share of how I overcame so much and finally living from a space of freedom.

We all are uniquely unique with some inner gifts and I’d say mine is how I’m easily approachable making it really comfortable once a rapport gets built so you can safely share you life and experiences with me so I can support you!

So to say I’m :


A Safe zone

Comfortable to talk too

Grow - Heal - Enrich - Recover - Renew

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